Taylor Fenner

Attorney Taylor Fenner received her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. Before embarking on her legal career, Taylor earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with a concentration in Law, Ethics, and Justice, from Wayne State University.

Prior to joining Disability Law Group, Mrs. Fenner’s legal journey was significantly shaped by her work focused on helping veterans. From hosting fundraisers aimed at raising both funds and awareness for the Wounded Veterans of Michigan to representing veterans in their claim for service-connected disability benefits before the Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (‘CAVC’), her passion and experience solidified her decision to continue helping veterans as a career. She vividly recalls the first few cases she worked on, and the difference she helped make in the lives of her clients, including a presumption of soundness case as well as cases involving a Traumatic Brain Injury (‘TBI’) and Military Sexual Trauma (‘MST’).

If you ask Taylor, she will tell you that what she loves most about this area of law is that she is able to “help a population that is often overlooked, underappreciated and underrepresented.” Giving a voice to her veteran clients, while restoring their hope and dignity in the process, is not only her “dream job” but one that makes her family immensely proud. She remembers how upsetting it was, even as a child, to watch her grandfather, a Vietnam veteran, struggle to get his VA disability after giving years of his life in service for this country. Taylor also has other family members that are currently serving in the US military. Her mission is to continue to utilize her unique background and empathy to help veterans receive the full benefits they deserve, and to fight to enact legal changes that will positively impact veterans and their families.

Mrs. Fenner began her journey at Disability Law Group as a law clerk in the Veteran’s Disability practice, where she sharpened her knowledge in veteran’s benefits and is referred to as a shining light for her team. She is also accredited to practice before the Department of Veterans Affairs. Mrs. Fenner’s experience, compassion, and unwavering commitment to veteran’s rights make her a fierce advocate, and a perfect fit here at Disability Law Group.

In her free time, Taylor enjoys spending quality time with her family, including her 3 dogs, Diesel, Steve, and Bonnie. She is also an avid cycler and even teaches indoor spinning!

Civic and Community Engagement

  • National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates