Disability Law Group’s goal with our podcast ‘Disability Lawyers for the Community’ is to connect community organizations that provide life-changing resources and support to people who need it most, particularly vulnerable populations like the disabled and those at-risk. In this way, we hope to spread awareness and education about important issues we face and promote a sense of community.


Podcast Episode 1: Joseph Tasse, CEO of Southwest Solutions

About Southwest Solutions: The mission of Southwest Solutions is to enhance the quality of life, success and self sufficiency of individuals and families in Detroit.

Podcast Episode 2: Monica Boomer, Zaman

About Zaman International: To facilitate change and advance the lives of marginalized women and children, by enabling them to meet essential needs common to all humankind.

Podcast Episode 3: Zainab Baydoun, founder of EmpowerMe Project

About EmpowerME Project: A women led, nonprofit educational and legal aid organization focused on assisting and empowering marginalized women and domestic violence victims to alleviate the legal barriers that may be hindering their paths to gaining independence.

Podcast Episode 4: Dr. Hasti Raveau, Owner & Director of Mala Child & Family Institute

About Mala Child & Family Institute: Dr. Raveau founded Mala Child & Family Institute to help promote and provide mental health wellness with a focus on preventative care. Here, the community can find an array of resources including play therapy, psychotherapy, family therapy and parent consult, assessments and diagnostic evaluations, school observation and consultations, and group therapy, as well as workshops and training.

Podcast Episode 5: Disability Lawyers for the Community

Today we are joined by Ida Benson, Director of Development and Communications of the Michigan Covenant House.