Disability Law Group Sep Case Spotlight

Case Spotlight – September 2023

This veteran sought help from Disability Law Group after receiving a denial in January 2020 for the service connection of both knees. His military journey began in December 1963 when he was drafted into the Army. Before the tragic assassination of President Kennedy, he had been rejected by the draft board due to a right-knee […]

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Social Security Disability form

Case Spotlight – August 2023

In May 2021, Disability Law Group received a call from an individual, age 55, seeking disability benefits due to atrial fibrillation. He had a long work history as a siding installer/ contractor, but due to the severity of his conditions, he could no longer perform this work. He was denied by Social Security at the […]

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At Disability Law Group, we firmly believe in advocating for the rights of all individuals, including those with mental health challenges. This past week, we had the privilege of sponsoring and participating in an extraordinary event called ViewFest. The event’s core mission was to raise awareness for mental health and to unite people in the […]

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military hate on an american flag

Case Spotlight – July 2023

Attorney Bridget Drop helped a client obtain a 100% permanent and total rating for Meniere’s syndrome. The client came to Disability Law Group after the VA denied his claim for an increase in his Meniere’s syndrome that was rated at 30%. The client experienced frequent vertigo episodes and cerebellar gait due to his Meniere’s that […]

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Types of SSD Benefits

If you have a disability, you might wonder whether you can apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. People who can no longer work due to a physical or cognitive disability may be eligible for benefits administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). SSD benefits are available to those with disabilities, but the eligibility requirements […]

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Social Security Disability case With a Woman

Case Spotlight – June 2023

In May 2021, attorney Randall Mansour spoke to a woman who needed assistance with her Social Security Disability case. The claimant had a steady work history until 2012 and then had numerous health problems forced her to quit working. After hearing her story, it was apparent that this client desperately needed our help but it […]

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Filling out a claim for for social security disability

Case Spotlight – May 2023

Disability Law Group recently helped a young claimant restore her disability benefits after being denied for 5 years! The claimant, a disabled mother, was previously receiving disability benefits until being cut-off in 2017. Even for individuals already receiving benefits, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) will sometimes complete periodic disability reviews – called continuing disability benefits […]

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va benefits application

Case Spotlight – April 2023

Disability Law Group recently received a decision approving service-connected disability benefits for a veteran client from Wyoming, Michigan. He served in the Marine Corps for nearly a decade until June of 2020. He was medically discharged, in part, due to his mental health conditions he developed while serving numerous tours overseas, fighting to protect our […]

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