About Attorney Erika Riggs

Learn more about attorney Erika Riggs and her passion for helping people with disabilities.

“…You haven’t truly lived until you have done something for someone who can never  really repay you and that is exactly how I was raised” ~ Erika Riggs

Disability & Retirement Benefits 

Thinking about your future & want to preserve your full Retirement benefit amount without any reduction? If you have medical conditions that impact your ability to work, you could qualify for disability benefits until your full retirement age. Check out our video to learn about retirement benefits and disability. Call us today to speak with an attorney for your free consultation.

Over 50 & Unable to Work

ProLaw CLE: Social Security Disability Hearings Practice Tips and Strategic Guides

On March 24, 2021, Attorney Erika Riggs, partner at Disability Law Group, hosted a ProLaw CLE presentation on ‘Social Security Disability Hearings: Practice Tips and Strategic Guides.’ Mrs. Riggs has over a decade of experience specializing in disability cases before the Social Security Administration. She brings a wealth of knowledge and practice tips to listeners in this presentation on topics ranging from evidence-building to strategic arguments from all stages of the disability process to help your clients win the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve. Erika also covers changes in the law and process for hearings since the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Attorneys can register to watch and obtain CLE credit here:

If you have questions about the disability process, or would like to inquire about another presentation opportunity for one of our partners, please contact us at 800-838-3000 or at