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2024 VA Disability Calculator

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Enter your disabilities using the buttons below.

If your disability is on an extremity select that proper leg or arm button then select the percentage, if it is not just select the percentage.

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Answer these questions below.

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Get your results

Are your service-connected disabilities affecting your ability to work full time?

You may qualify for monthly payments of:

Based on the information you provided: If you're not working, you should be receiving 100% VA disability through Unemployability and may be entitled to additional benefits. Fill out the VA Case Evaluation form to speak with one of our attorneys about filing a VA disability claim.

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About Our VA Disability Calculator

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Have you ever wondered how the VA determines its disability rating? And how a combined rating doesn’t equal the two percentages added together? At the Disability Law Group, we understand how confusing the disability claims process can be. We have tried to take the guesswork out of it by providing this VA disability calculator for you.

The calculator above can give you a better idea about how your disability ratings add up. But this tool is only intended to give you a general idea about what your disability rating might be. You can get a customized review when you call our disability benefits attorneys for a free consultation.

How the VA Determines Disability Ratings

Many people suffer from co-occurring medical conditions. The VA takes the view that if a person has a disability rating of 20%, they are 80% healthy. If they suffer from another condition, that disability rating is applied to the remaining healthy portion.

Here’s an example of how this calculation works:

You suffer from three disabilities. These have ratings of 30%, 20%, and 10%, respectively. If you added all those up, you would get 60%, but that’s not how the VA calculates your disability rating.

Instead, the VA takes the initial 30% rating because that is the largest one in this example. Then, it applies the next highest rating of 20% to the remaining 70% healthy portion, or 14%. This 14% is added to the original 30% for 44%. However, the VA rounds to the nearest 10%, so if these were the only ratings, it would round down to a disability rating of 40%.

Finally, the 10% disability rating applies to the remaining 56% (100%-44%), resulting in a disability rating of 5.6%. This is added to the 44%, generating a total of 49.6%, which would be rounded to 50%. Therefore, in VA math, disability ratings of 30 + 20 + 10 do not add up to 60% but instead to 50%.

The difference in these ratings is huge and can result in significant disparities in benefits, so it’s essential that you work to maximize your disability rating finding.

How Disability Law Group Can Help

At the Disability Law Group, we focus exclusively on disability benefits cases. We understand how disability ratings are determined and how they directly impact your benefits. We can meet with you to discuss your particular situation and use our proprietary calculator and in-depth knowledge to help determine your disability rating.

We can work closely with you to identify and claim all benefits for which you are eligible. We appreciate the sacrifices that you and your family made during your time of service and are here to help ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. For a more accurate assessment of your disability rating, contact the Disability Law Group for a free claim evaluation.