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Case Spotlight – May 2022

In May of 2021, attorney Randall Mansour spoke to a woman who was fighting for her Social Security benefits since 2005. She was currently receiving SSI benefits as of 2015, however there was numerous records that would later indicate that her conditions and impairments started at least 10 years prior. Originally, she had applied for benefits in 2004, alleging disability as of June 2003.

While she was granted a closed period of benefits from June 2003 to October 2005, SSA determined that her condition improved. However, that was not the case. Nonetheless, as a result of that earlier determination, she was looking at a substantial loss of benefits and insurance. After multiple appeals and hearings, this case was remanded for a second time and was awaiting a new hearing date. The claimant’s date last insured (DLI) was June 30, 2013 and her main objective was to receive Medicare due to her impairments. In order to receive ongoing benefits, she would need to be found disabled since at least before her DLI. She was suffering from a combination of physical and mental health conditions that had stemmed from a motor vehicle accident in 2003 and worsened over the years.

When she called Disability Law Group, she was met with compassion and felt confident that we could assist her with this final hurdle. The claimant was trying to obtain benefits from the Social Security Administration for nearly 20 years and was feeling frustrated with the system. Within just a few months, we were able to schedule a hearing with the administration. In this particular case, the treatment notes were vast and encompassed more than 5000 pages of medical evidence.

Our team spent countless hours going through the treatment notes, gathering updated evidence to help support her case, writing the supportive brief, and prepping the claimant for her hearing. Following a lengthy hearing, the ALJ agreed with our arguments and ultimately found the claimant disabled as of December 2005. With this finding, the claimant not only immediately received Medicare and a higher monthly Social Security check, she received a significant back pay reflective of the entire time she went without benefits before coming to Disability Law Group. She stated that this decision had changed her life. She was now able to purchase affordable housing, a reliable vehicle, and medical treatment she desperately needed.

If you or someone you know are suffering from any physical impairments or mental health, contact us today for your free consultation. Our attorneys and staff specialize strictly in disability benefits, and we will fight to help you win every benefit you deserve. We will work with you, and alongside your doctors, to ensure all evidence needed is received. You can rely on our team at Disability Law Group from start to finish to provide you with the expert advice and compassionate representation and the benefits you deserve.