How To Choose The Right Michigan Social Security Disability Attorney

social security attorney meeting with client

Social Security Disability is a complex area of law, with enough rules, forms, deadlines, and hearings to keep anyone busy. Although any disability applicant can handle their own claim, it’s strongly advised that you retain a knowledgeable attorney to help with your case or with your appeal.

Choosing the right Social Security Disability attorney is a serious endeavor, and could make the difference between getting the benefits you deserve and losing out on significant sums of money.

At Disability Law Group, we work to win our clients the maximum amount of monthly benefits available under the law. These are some tips for finding the right disability lawyer for your case.

Don’t Wait To Retain An Attorney

No matter who you choose to represent you, selecting an attorney early is key to ensuring you receive the benefits you need.

Many attorneys are willing and able to represent clients early in the initial application process, or they can step in later for an appeal. Either way, you potentially lose significant money each month that you wait to apply.

It’s a good idea to start gathering documentation and information concerning your disability long before you talk to an attorney. This is part of the strategy of early preparation, and it can potentially save the amount of time a lawyer will need to spend on your claim later.

To get ready for your case, make notes and collect records that address the following:

  • Details of your daily routine, from when you wake up until you go to sleep
  • Your ability to drive a car in light of your condition
  • Your ability to work, and how much work you can do
  • Your ability to perform different household chores
  • Whether you are able to prepare your own meals
  • Hobbies, interests, and whether you can still enjoy them
  • Whether your condition affects your hygiene, toileting, and other self-care
  • Whether your condition affects your sleep

The Importance Of Experience

Experience handling Social Security Disability claims cannot be underestimated. But experience is more than just knowing disability law, although that’s certainly necessary.

Your attorney needs to know how to handle your specific claim. If you need a hearing, to conduct an appeal, or to gather medical records and other evidence, then your lawyer should have experience with how to successfully accomplish these specific tasks.

Sometimes experience means knowing what sorts of questions to ask, where to find supporting evidence, or where to find the information necessary to build a strong case. An attorney may also know about other types of benefits or resources available to help meet your needs outside of Social Security Disability.

The right lawyer need not have experience handling every type of disability claim to be able to represent you. The real test of experience is understanding how to put together a compelling claim or appeal and how to gather the evidence necessary to advocate for you.

A Lawyer You Are Comfortable With

Disabilities are intensely personal, and often accompany painful experiences such as injuries or trauma. Some disabilities involve mental or psychological conditions and can be difficult to discuss.

Regardless of the nature of your disability, you will need to share sensitive medical information with your attorney. For these reasons and more, it’s imperative that you feel comfortable with the lawyer and legal staff representing your disability claim.

Part of establishing a suitable level of comfort and trust is feeling that you can ask questions and take an active role in your own case.

To that end, you deserve a Social Security Disability lawyer who will:

  • Explain the details of the disability claims process, hearing, appeals, and other steps
  • Discuss the evidence and information that will have to be presented to Social Security
  • Talk about the role the lawyer will play in advocating for you
  • Encourage you to ask however many questions it takes until you understand the process
  • Be patient with yourself and avoid pressure tactics or rushing you into something you don’t understand or are not comfortable with
  • Be accessible and provide updates to you from the beginning of your case until its conclusion

No client should feel as though they are not heard, their concerns are not being met, or they are a bother to the attorney who purports to represent them. The right attorney will establish and maintain a suitable level of respect and professionalism for you and your disability.

Ready To Get Started On Your Disability Claim? Turn To Us

At Disability Law Group, our team is committed to helping individuals with disabilities win the benefits they deserve to support themselves and meet their medical needs. No two disability cases are alike, which is why we approach each one with a customized plan that will serve the client’s best interests.

If you’re ready to start your Social Security Disability claim, or you still have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.