2024 Community Resource Fair

Empowering Dearborn: Recap of the Community Legal Resource Fair

Dearborn’s legal landscape received a substantial boost on Saturday, February 10, 2024, with the Community Legal Resource Fair hosted at the American Moslem Society (AMS) on Vernor Highway. Organized to address the diverse legal needs of the community, the event brought together legal practitioners, government agencies, and community organizations under one roof. A standout contributor […]

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young woman with traumatic brain injury

Case Spotlight – February 2024

Empowering Recovery: A Tale of Triumph in Disability Advocacy Disability Law Group recently received a decision approving our client’s case for Social Security Disability (‘SSD’) benefits. She is a young woman from Roseville, Michigan, who was involved in a terrible work accident in 2015. For nearly ten years, she struggled with the aftermath of her […]

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When to Expect Your February Disability Payment

Around 7.4 million individuals rely on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) to meet their financial needs, making it a crucial lifeline for those facing disabilities. If you are one of the many beneficiaries, it’s essential to understand the intricacies of SSDI payment schedules, especially with the upcoming February payment cycle. In this blog, we will […]

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mother comforting son

Case Spotlight – January 2024

In September 2021, Attorney Randall Mansour spoke to the mother whose son was fighting for Social Security Income (SSI) benefits since June 2017. The claimant, despite being of younger age, was unable to keep jobs for very long due to his mental health conditions and associated symptoms. After hearing her story, it was apparent that […]

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Veteran who suffers from anxiety.

Triumph for Justice: WWII Veteran’s 4-Year Retroactive Benefits Victory

In a recent triumph for justice, Disability Law Group proudly shines a spotlight on Partner Mandy Kelly’s extraordinary success in securing four years of retroactive benefits for a 96-year-old World War II veteran. This heartwarming victory unveils the challenges faced by veterans of that era, particularly the obstacles encountered in obtaining their rightful benefits. The […]

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Case for veteran's benefits won

Case Spotlight – November 2023

Disability Law Group recently received a decision approving our client’s case for Social Security Disability (‘SSD’) benefits. He is a veteran from Troy, Michigan, currently receiving service-connected VA disability benefits, rated at 100% Permanent & Total. Due to the combination of his service-connected and non-service-connected conditions, he has been unable to work since 2009. However, […]

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compassionate allowance

Case Spotlight – October 2023

In July 2021, Disability Law Group received a call from an individual, age 53, seeking disability benefits due to ovarian cancer and benign brain tumors. After surgery and extensive chemotherapy, she was in remission, yet still unable to work due to having surgery and radiation for the brain tumors. She was denied by Social Security […]

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Disability Law Group Sep Case Spotlight

Case Spotlight – September 2023

This veteran sought help from Disability Law Group after receiving a denial in January 2020 for the service connection of both knees. His military journey began in December 1963 when he was drafted into the Army. Before the tragic assassination of President Kennedy, he had been rejected by the draft board due to a right-knee […]

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