woman applying for ssd benefits in macomb county

Case Spotlight (Jordan Leff) – June 2024

Recently, Disability Law Group helped a woman from Redford, Michigan, to obtain Social Security Disability (“SSD”) benefits after a long career in school administration. The woman had struggled with osteoarthritis (“OA”) for many years and, for the past several years, had only been able to carry out her job duties with the support and assistance of her co-workers and adoring students.

However, as her OA worsened, even the helping hands she received were no longer enough, and the client realized she could no longer maintain any full-time employment. At the same time, the claimant tragically lost her husband to illness, who had provided her with immeasurable love and support. The claimant felt alone, anguished, and continued to have severe and constant joint pain throughout her body.

Disability Law Group provided the client with empathy, support, and diligent representation to apply and win her disability benefits. All of her medical records were obtained, as well as supportive statements from her treating doctors and mental health providers, and attorney Jordan Leff guided the client through the process every step of the way.

When a hearing was scheduled before an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”), Mr. Leff prepared and filed a detailed legal brief, setting out the client’s treatment history, and explaining how the symptoms of her OA prevented her from sustaining any full-time employment existing in the national economy.

At the hearing, Mr. Leff led the client through a series of questions to provide further direct evidence to the ALJ as to the pain, stiffness, and discomfort she experiences on a daily basis, and how it creates severe work-related limitations. The ALJ ultimately agreed, rapidly producing a Fully Favorable decision!

Disability Law Group exclusively specializes in helping disabled individuals get the disability benefits they deserve. Unfortunately, people go through what seems like an uphill battle to win their disability case. We know the fight and we know it well.