November Case Spotlight

Disability Law Group: November Case Spotlight

Our client, who served in the Air Force from 1958 through 1965, came to our attorneys for help obtaining service-connected disability benefits for certain conditions, including an increased evaluation for his PTSD rating of 30%, after a confusing and frustrating experience going at the process alone. The VA had issued him countless notices about incorrect forms he had submitted, including a letter indicating that they would not accept his appeal and even reducing one of his service-connected conditions. Attorney Mandy Kelly immediately stepped in and helped the veteran understand his options and best legal strategies on appeal. We obtained his personnel records, the complete claims file, and all updated, pertinent medical records to help support his claims.

Two of our partners, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Riggs, worked together to strategize the veteran’s case in preparation for the Decision Review Officer hearing process, which would be soon scheduled. After months of following up on the appeal and obtaining letters in support from the veteran’s providers, a hearing date was set. Attorney Erika Riggs attended the hearing with the veteran, presenting our theory for an increased evaluation of his PTSD and an argument for a Total Disability Rating based on Individual Unemployability.  Following the hearing, our staff at Disability Law Group diligently followed up on the decision for the veteran, requesting expedited processing due to his age.

Through our many calls to the VA, we discovered that the VA lost the transcript of the hearing. Attorney Riggs immediately conducted an additional informal phone conference with the Decision Review Officer, presenting a detailed summary of the testimony obtained during the hearing based on her notes and the arguments supporting the veteran’s claims. In less than one month, the decision was issued granting the veteran’s benefits – an increased valuation from 30% to 100% was awarded; the veteran was also granted entitlement to Individual Unemployability, Special Monthly Compensation based on housebound criteria and Dependent Educational Assistance.

If you or a loved one cannot work full-time due to your medical condition(s), whether you are looking to apply or have already been denied, you can call and speak with one of our attorneys to help you win the benefits you deserve. We will fight to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.