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How to Expedite Your SS Disability Claim

The SS disability claim process is known for being a long and difficult process that can be overwhelming. Many people do not know that there is also a five-month waiting period from your disability onset date once disability benefits are approved. However, the wait can become even longer if the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies your initial application. Fortunately, you may qualify for an expedited SS disability claim.

What Is an Expedited SS Disability Claim?

An expedited SS disability claim can move more quickly through the system under certain circumstances. The SSA created specific categories to speed up certain claims. Each type has separate rules and eligibility requirements. 

You can expedite your claim from the beginning. Or, if your circumstances change, you can request an expedited hearing on appeal. However, what is most important is understanding the process for expediting your SS disability claim and recognizing what Social Security requires to expedite disability cases.

What Is the Process for Expediting a Social Security Disability Claim?

First, SSA has put together a list of conditions with certain requirements that could qualify someone for expedited processing. You will want to check out the compassionate allowances list and see if your condition is listed and whether you may meet the criteria provided. The list is in alphabetic order and includes conditions like ALS, breast cancer, and organ transplant need. 

Second, fill out your application as completely and accurately as possible. The SSA rejects many claims on the first try because applicants fail to provide enough information or because the information is not accurate. You must be truthful, and be sure to provide as much helpful information as possible, including any and all diagnoses, and not only the condition that you feel is most disabling.. Be certain to include your qualifying condition, if you have one listed in the compassionate allowance list, as that will flag your application for quicker processing. 

Finally, you may wish to hire a Michigan SS disability claim lawyer to guide you along every step of the process. Your disability attorney will also receive every correspondence from the SSA. You may find this help vital when your health is compromised and this process becomes overwhelming. An experienced disability lawyer can also make sure everything submitted is accurate and that your file is complete, including preparing and submitting medical source statements from your doctor to help support your case. 

How Can I Qualify for an Expedited Social Security Disability Claim? 

You can qualify for an expedited SS disability claim if your situation falls under one of these categories: 

  • Compassionate allowances: If you have a serious condition or injury, you may fall under the compassionate allowances category. 
  • Dire financial need: This category applies to claimants facing food and housing challenges, including imminent eviction or foreclosure. 
  • Terminal illness: This category applies to terminal conditions like stage IV cancers and ALS. The SSA automatically expedites these claims. 
  • Military service: Veterans can file expedited claims if they are a “wounded warrior” disabled in service after October 1, 2001. Others injured before that time must have a compensation rating of 100 percent permanent and total disability. 

The SSA expedites all applications and claims on appeal that indicate a compassionate allowance condition, terminal illness, or qualifying veteran status. If you fall under these categories, mention them in your application, or be sure to update SSA if your condition qualifies after you file or even on appeal. If you are a veteran, be sure to identify yourself as a veteran in the online application. If you see an error on your paperwork, including your application, you can contact SSA to make any corrections and to update your diagnoses.

For dire financial need, inform the SSA via telephone or write a “dire need” letter explaining your situation. Your dire need letter should explain your circumstances thoroughly and clarify why you need help. You can also submit this letter after an appeal to expedite your hearing date if you have one. Prior to the hearing level, you will be assigned a case examiner, both at the initial application and reconsideration stage, and it’s important to keep them updated on any important changes. Specifically, if your condition falls under the compassionate allowance, you have a dire financial need situation, your condition is terminal, and/or you qualify as a “wounded warrior,” you will want to notify SSA right away regardless of the status of your claim. 

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When health conditions and financial needs collide, you may be feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. A lingering SS disability claim can make those feelings worse, especially with not knowing what the future holds. An experienced and caring SS disability claim lawyer in Michigan can manage this process for you while you focus on your health. Contact Disability Law Group today for a free consultation. We will make your disability case a priority and be sure to help you understand your rights and ways to expedite your case. To us, every client matters. 

Author: Erika A. Riggs

Attorney Erika A. Riggs, a partner at Disability Law Group, is a renowned legal advocate and community leader. A graduate of Wayne State University Law School, Erika co-founded The 313 Project, a non-profit providing scholarships and pro-bono legal advice for at-risk youth. She actively contributes to community well-being as a board member and community activist, spearheading pro bono events and volunteer initiatives. Erika specializes in Social Security Disability and Veterans’ disability benefits. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Erika has received accolades such as the ‘Oakland Together 40 Under 40’ Class of 2023, 2022 ABA On the Rise Top 40 Young Lawyer award, eight consecutive Avvo’s Client Choice awards, and the esteemed 2023 Rising Star award for the sixth consecutive year by Super Lawyers (extended to less than 2.5% of attorneys practicing in Michigan). Her multifaceted achievements showcase her commitment to excellence, community service, and advocacy for those in need.