Disability Law Group: Case Spotlight

In January 2015, Attorney Randall Mansour’s client filed her claim for Social Security Disability benefits, seeking retroactive payments back to February 2013, when she was no longer able to work. She is a veteran who served in the Army for six years. Following discharge, she worked to help other veterans as a peer support specialist before her own PTSD-related symptoms became too severe to allow her to continue.

While her initial claim for benefits was denied as is quite often the case, Mr. Mansour represented her throughout the appeal process and during her hearing initially scheduled for February 2017. Unfortunately, while she had been patiently waiting for her court date and a chance at obtaining disability benefits, the claimant was unable to attend her hearing due to her mental state. This date so happened to be the same time that her doctors, at the Department of Veterans Affairs, recommended that she be admitted for inpatient psychiatric treatment; she willingly complied.

Attorney Mansour obtained and submitted the necessary documentation confirming her treatment and his request for an adjournment was granted. Her case was continued for a June 2017 hearing following release from her inpatient stay. Two months after the hearing, the Judge issued an Unfavorable decision, denying her case. Mr. Mansour promptly appealed the denial to the Appeals Council. After yet another denial and appeal, this time to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Mr. Mansour not only continued to keep his client informed on the process, he made sure to be especially mindful of her mental health – ensuring she felt heard and supported throughout.

While the process for obtaining disability benefits can be long, potentially involving appeal after appeal and seemingly endless mounds of paperwork, an attorney experienced in the disability process who compassionately and zealously advocates for their clients can make all the difference. Fortunately, in this case, the U.S. District Court ultimately agreed with the many errors of the lower court’s decision and issued a Remand Order. While this decision required another hearing, it offered another possibility to secure her long overdue benefits. Mr. Mansour represented her again during the remand hearing on August 15, 2019 and submitted all updated evidence.

In this hearing, a Medical Expert (ME) was present to testify and Randall was again prepared. He obtained additional testimony and cross-examined the medical expert during the hearing. The ME and the Judge agreed with Mr. Mansour’s theory that his client’s PTSD has been severe since February 2013 and medically equal the new PTSD Listings outlined by the Social Security Administration, resulting in an award of more than 6 years of back-pay, future monthly payments and entitlement to Medicare.

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