Veteran with PTSD talking about his non-combat stressors.

June 2022 is PTSD Awareness Month!

June is PTSD Awareness Month and here at Disability Law Group, we are going to do everything we can to help spread awareness on this critical topic and help end the stigma surrounding treatment.

What is PTSD?

Let’s first dive into what PTSD is. PTSD is a mental health condition that is caused by exposure to life-threatening events. These include but are not limited to combat, car accidents, natural disasters, sexual assault, and other traumatic experiences. We understand that PTSD can affect everyone in different ways and that there are many treatment options and mechanisms to help cope and find relief that works differently depending on the situation.

Qualifications for Service-Connected PTSD Disability Benefits

If you are a veteran suffering from PTSD or know veteran suffering from PTSD, you could qualify for service-connected disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are certain requirements that must be met in order to qualify for these types of disability benefits from the VA. For example, the following criterion is evaluated for PTSD claims by the VA:

  1. A current diagnosis;
  2. A stressor (e.g. exposure to death, threatened death, actual or threatened serious injury, or actual or threatened sexual violence);
  3. The traumatic event is persistently re-experienced in one or more ways (e.g. nightmares, intrusive memories, flashbacks, etc.);
  4. Avoiding the above factors;
  5. Negative alterations in mood or cognition;
  6. Alterations in arousal and reactivity following the event; and
  7. The duration of the symptoms lasts more than one month, and symptoms are attributable to PTSD rather than substance use for example.

While the requirements may not seem extraordinarily rigorous, the VA routinely denies Veteran’s claims for service connection, even when the Veteran served in combat. In fact, even of those claims that are approved, the VA commonly fails to assess the appropriate percentage and effective date, which results in less money and benefit to the Veteran and their families.

Contact VA Disability Attorney

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