Forever Chemicals and breathing problems

Understanding the Dangers of Forever Chemicals

What Are Forever Chemicals?

PFAS, better known as “forever chemicals” are dangerous chemicals that stay in the environment and in your body forever. These chemicals were mainly used in a certain foam that was used to fight fires with on military installations around the country.

Once spilled onto the ground, they contaminate the surface and the ground underneath the surface and sometimes contaminate the groundwater. PFAS have been linked to various health problems including birth defects, cardiovascular issues, compromised immune systems, and a variety of cancers.

They are known to cause these health problems ranging from .004 to .002 parts per trillion. Previously, the EPA said only 70 parts per trillion could cause those health defects. In layman’s terms, an extremely small amount of the PFAS chemicals could cause significant and irreversible damage to your body.

What Is Being Done Now?

The military, federal government, and state governments have been struggling with a viable solution to how this will be contained and cleaned up to prevent future contamination. The science behind PFAS is still being researched and new discoveries are being made very often.

The federal government estimates that 700 active bases have been contaminated and only 80 of them require no assistance. Meaning there are over 600 bases around the country that will need assistance in cleaning up these forever chemicals. So far, 1.5 billion has been spent in the research and discovery process of PFAS.

How Will This Be Prevented in the Future?

First off, the military has pledged to start phasing out the fire-fighting foam that contained the dangerous PFAS chemicals.

Secondly, in last year’s annual defense policy bill, the Pentagon was required to create rules to prevent and clean up firefighting foam spills and test for PFAS chemicals at all National Guard facilities.

Lastly, a National Defense Authorization Act is now making its way through the House Armed Services Committee. In this version, lawmakers are seeking to have the pentagon deliver timely briefings on its efforts in phasing out PFAS chemicals and the ongoing clean-up process.

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