Case Spotlight – June 2022

Earlier this month, Disability Law Group secured benefits for a young man struggling to cope with his mental health conditions.  He had spent the better part of the last two years homeless and in and out of jobs that, due to his mental illness, he simply was not able to maintain.  Winning his disability case was a lifeline for the claimant, helping him maintain housing and focus on his mental health. In fact, the benefits he would receive through Social Security for his disability would provide not only a monetary benefit but insurance he desperately needed as well. 

Cases involving young people with mental illnesses are some of the most difficult cases to win.  For claimants under 50, the Social Security Administration must find that the claimant cannot do even the least mentally and physically demanding full-time (or substantially gainful) job available in substantial numbers in the economy.  This is a high burden, made harder in the absence of physical limitations. 

Despite the difficulties, there are several ways to present a case involving mental illness, as Disability Law Group was able to do for the above claimant. Regular treatment, consistent statements regarding the severity and nature of the symptoms, along with compliance with medication, all contribute to help to overcome the high burden and prove disability. 

Due to the subjective nature of mental health complaints, hearing testimony becomes critical in a case mainly involving mental illness. Disability Law Group attorneys spent time preparing the claimant to testify at the hearing, including prepping him for what to expect, reviewing the medical file with each client along with any past statements, and preparing for the questions that would be asked by the judge and/or the attorney at the hearing. 

Additionally, Disability Law Group fought hard to make sure that each and every medical file was put before the judge for consideration. Attorney Nura Lutfi drafted a detailed brief outlining the medical records and made an impassioned argument at her client’s hearing outlining his impairments and the devastating impact they had on his life.  Disability Law Group went the extra mile to win this case.  As a result, the claimant was approved for the benefits he so much deserved!

Whether you have a mental health condition or a combination of health problems, you may be eligible for disability benefits. No matter how old you are, you could be entitled to receive monthly payments and insurance based on your disabling conditions. Mental health conditions, while difficult to win on its own, can qualify you or a loved one for disability. Our Social Security Disability Attorneys only practice disability and our consultations are always free. You can call us today to better understand your rights and how to properly plan for the future.

Disability Law Group exclusively specializes in helping disabled individuals get the disability benefits they deserve. Unfortunately, people go through what seems like an uphill battle to win their disability case. We know the fight and we know it well.