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March Case Spotlight

In July 2019, attorney Randall Mansour received a phone call from a woman who had been battling serious health problems, including chronic low back pain, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and autism. Recognizing significant health issues, she tried to continue working as a teacher but ultimately was laid-off as her employer was unable to continue providing accommodations as they did in the past. Unfortunately, her mental and physical ailments made it difficult to sustain that type of work as she continued to be absent from work, even on a weekly basis. After talking with many doctors and her family, she knew it was time to consult with a disability attorney, but she wanted to make sure she was dealing with someone reputable who truly cares about their clients and only specializes in this type of law.

When she called Disability Law Group, she was met with kindness and compassion; she hired attorney Mansour after their initial free consultation and began the process of awaiting for her hearing with him by her side. Mr. Mansour was able to obtain a hearing for the claimant within 6 months of her appeal. More importantly, the staff at Disability Law Group assisted the client from start to finish, from the application stage, then the appeal through the hearing level. Randall was able to assist his client in getting her hearing scheduled right away by opting into a phone hearing, instead of postponing and waiting for a live in-person hearing. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, all hearing offices have been closed to the public, and began offering phone and now video hearings. Additionally, Attorney Mansour also worked with his case manager and dedicated team at Disability Law Group to obtain critical medical evidence and statements in support of her case from her doctors in a team effort, and then thoroughly prepared his client for her hearing.

Mr. Mansour drafted a detailed brief with an analysis of his client’s health problems and treatment; he provided the Judge with two supportive questionnaires (one physical and one mental) about her impairments and limitations from her doctors. During the hearing, the Judge asked about the earnings after her alleged onset date of February 2019; however, Attorney Mansour and his client were prepared and raised the argument that the earnings were not considered earned income, but rather employer-provided benefits with sick pay. Instead of potentially losing several months of back pay benefits if this amount were deemed income from work, we were able to secure and present documentation confirming that the amount reported was indeed benefits rather than earned income.

Ultimately, this evidence helped save this client thousands of dollars in potential monthly benefits. The ALJ considered the woman’s testimony, treatment notes, evidence submitted including employer statements and statements from her providers that Disability Law Group helped obtain and presented. All of documentation and evidence were consistent and re-assured the fact that she was unable to work. By February 2021, less than one month from the date of the hearing, both the claimant and counsel had received the good news: Fully Favorable Decision. With this decision comes not only the validation for her that she could not have continued working, but also the financial relief and insurance to help cover her critical doctor’s visits and keep a roof over her head.

Disability benefits can be a much deserved lifeline for many people in need. If you or someone you know are suffering from any physical impairments or mental health, contact us today for your free consultation. Our attorneys and staff specialize strictly in disability benefits, and we will fight to help you win every benefit you deserve. We will work continuously from start to finish providing you with excellent representation and the benefits you deserve.