Family member of SSDI client

September Case Spotlight

In January 2020, attorney Randall Mansour received a phone call from a discouraged woman who was denied by the Social Security Administration at the initial level. The claimant was suffering from severe mental health conditions that had worsened over the last few years. At this point, her mental health provider had recommended she apply for benefits, as she too was concerned about her patient’s mental state and ability to function, especially in a competitive work environment. Her therapist knew that this woman needed help and additional resources that could get her through this tough time and even improve her quality of life.

When she called Disability Law Group, she was met with empathy and felt confident that she was at the right place for help in her disability claim. Immediately, Disability Law Group worked together to file her request for reconsideration on the earlier decision denying her benefits to ensure the Social Security Administration would take another look at her disability claim. During this period, our staff worked diligently to obtain updated medical records from her mental health provider, and her attorney even drafted a Medical Source Statement to help document the severity of her symptoms and resulting work-related limitations of her conditions. While another denial was issued at the Reconsideration level – which is most common at this stage – Mr. Mansour did not give up. Our staff immediately filed an appeal, requesting a hearing before an ALJ.

Within only a few months of filing the appeal to appear in front of an ALJ, a phone hearing was scheduled. Prior to the phone hearing, an additional Medical Source Statement from the treating psychiatrist was requested and obtained in support of her case. Moreover, Attorney Mansour submitted a detailed memorandum to the ALJ that asserted the claimant met a mental Listing due to the severity of his client’s mental health impairments. The ALJ considered everything and decided to send the claimant’s file to a Medical Expert for interrogatories. Once Randall received the unfavorable interrogatories, he reviewed them immediately and filed an objection to the Medical Expert as the doctor was a pediatrician and not a psychiatrist who specializes in mental health.

Fortunately, the ALJ agreed with counsel’s objection and scheduled a supplemental hearing with a psychiatrist to reassess the claimant’s conditions. At the hearing, the psychiatrist agreed that the claimant not only met one listing but also met at least two other listings which resulted in a ‘Fully Favorable’ decision. Thankfully, our client can now obtain not only back-pay she was owed and monthly benefits to rely on in helping her pay her bills and provide her with a critical medical insurance to seek additional services, but she felt heard and supported.

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