Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Applying for social security disability insurance benefits can be a strenuous and taxing journey that is too difficult to navigate alone. For many hardworking Americans, applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is truly the last resort when they accept the fact they can longer function or perform their job duties as they used to. Working your entire life and finally losing a stable source of income can be an emotional and stressful journey on its own. Burdened with doctor appointments, office visits and medical treatments, many claimants are overwhelmed and intimidated with the idea of even how and when to begin the application process. Unfortunately, a majority have a great deal of uncertainty and assume that they are not eligible for SSD benefits.

All too often, SSD applications are denied at the initial and reconsideration level. On average, 64% of initial Social Security Disability applications are denied by the Social Security Administration (Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program, 2018). Feeling frustrated, discouraged, and defeated, many individuals do not even consider the avenues in appealing this decision, or know that they can hire help. Already completing the tedious application has taken enough time and energy, so all too many simply surrender their fight for benefits which could mean losing out on years of past due benefits.

However, when you are already balancing finances, medical bills, and debilitating symptoms, hiring an attorney can not only alleviate a great deal of stress and uncertainty, but increase your chances of being approved. Having legal experts in the field of social security disability can reduce unnecessary frustration and headaches that can arise throughout this process. Most people are not aware that legal representation fees are all regulated, and must be approved, by the Social Security Administration, under federal law, which limits fees to 25% of back pay or $6,000 depending on the amount awarded and appeal stage. This means that SSD attorneys and representatives only get paid if they help the claimant win their disability case.

Entrusting the assistance of experienced SSD attorneys means can mean that they will help you from the start and through any appeals that may be necessary. SSD attorneys can help you fill out your initial disability application, avoid costly errors, request all medical evidence to help prove your claim, and handle the reconsideration and appeal process if needed while ensuring you meet all appropriate deadlines.  Another advantage is that your SSD attorney will directly deal with the Social Security Administration and handle all correspondences related to your claim. Additionally, a SSD attorney can work with your doctors to draft letters in support that specify your symptoms and work-related limitations to help prove your disability. An attorney can also guide you to any additional benefits you may qualify for while you are waiting for your SSD approval. If the case requires an Administrative Law Judge Hearing, your attorney is able to represent you and present any additional evidence that is needed, draft briefs, and make legal arguments in defense of your claim.

At Disability Law Group, our experienced and compassionate attorneys have years of experience strictly specializing in disability claims. Our attorneys can help ensure that you meet all requirements under the law with the best approach in presenting your case to be approved as quickly as possible. At Disability Law Group, we can help from the very start and through any appeals that may be needed. Our consultations are always free and disability is all we do. Let our dedicated disability team take the worry and paperwork off of your shoulders, and help you win your SSD case.


  • Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program, 2018