June Case Spotlight

In August 2020, attorney Randall Mansour received a phone call from a young woman who had been battling severe back problems from multiple surgeries in 2014 and 2016. Recognizing her significant health issues, but still needing a means to pay her bills, she pushed herself to work as much as she could until she began receiving short-term and eventually long-term disability benefits. Despite multiple visits to hospitals and specialist in hopes of getting better and resuming work, she realized that she was not going to be able to work, and certainly not perform the job she was used to. Her doctors agreed, and recommended that she apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. In March of 2020, she submitted her SSD application. Unfortunately, her claim was denied at the application level, and she had only a limited timeframe to appeal.

When she called Disability Law Group, she was met with compassion and care and felt confident that she was at the right place for help in her disability claim. That same day, she hired attorney Randall Mansour – with only 10 days before her appeal deadline. Mr. Mansour and his staff worked swiftly and carefully on her case, and timely filed the appeal on her behalf, even providing Social Security with pertinent updated medical records from her treating doctors. While another denial was issued at the Reconsideration level, Randall immediately filed an appeal, requesting a hearing before an ALJ. Additionally, he was able to assist his client in getting her hearing scheduled promptly by – while all hearing offices remain closed to the public due to the pandemic. Mr. Mansour worked with his dedicated team at Disability Law Group to obtain critical medical evidence, and statements in support of her case from her doctors, in addition to thoroughly prepping the client for her hearing.

Prior to the scheduled hearing, Mr. Mansour realized there was an opportunity to ask for a re-opening of a prior decision that his client had filed almost a year prior to this claim; she had never pursued that prior claim once denied in hopes of being able to return to work. During the hearing, the judge took Mr. Mansour’s arguments into consideration, specifically the chance for a re-opening, considering we had medical records in support of disability since 2016. Additionally, Randall highlighted the claimant’s exceptional work history even despite her first back surgery in 2014 and second back surgery in 2016 at which point her health deteriorated. Despite only being in her mid-thirties, he argued that the claimant’s disabilities began back in 2016, even under Social Security’s strict rules, and have continued to the present. During the hearing, we amended the original onset date to June 2016, with a request for a re-opening of the prior decision.

Within a month of her hearing, we received a Fully Favorable Decision in which the ALJ agreed to the re-opening with the amended onset date – meaning tens of thousands of dollars of additional back-pay benefits owed to his client. With this decision comes not only the validation for the client that she should not have been working after 2016, but also the financial relief and insurance to help cover her critical doctor’s visits.

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