Filling out a claim for for social security disability

Case Spotlight – October 2022

In February 2020, right before the pandemic began, attorney Randall Mansour spoke to a woman who needed assistance with her Social Security Disability case. The claimant had a steady work history until 2007 and then had numerous health problems forcing her to quit working. After listening to her story, it was apparent that this client desperately needed our help. However, we knew it would be a complex case to prove disability as her work credits expired in March 2012, meaning we would need to prove that disability began as of that date. Thankfully the claimant has been in ongoing/consistent treatment since 2007. However, she had problems obtaining those records to prove that. The claimant suffered from a combination of physical and mental health conditions that worsened over the last 15 years.

When she called Disability Law Group, she was met with empathy and felt confident that we could assist her with this final hurdle. We requested and received thousands of pages of medical records to support a finding of disability. The client was initially denied, and a reconsideration appeal was filed immediately after this denial. During the reconsideration stage, we submitted additional medical records that we thought would help prove she became disabled before 2012. The case was denied at the reconsideration level, and DLG immediately requested a hearing in front of an ALJ.

How a Social Security Disability Attorney Helped

The treatment notes were vast in this case and encompassed more than 18,000 pages of medical evidence! We spent countless hours reviewing the treatment notes, breaking down the file, writing the supportive brief, and preparing the claimant for her hearing. Following a lengthy hearing, the ALJ agreed with our arguments and ultimately found the claimant disabled as of January 2012, before her work credits expired. The claimant was ecstatic to know that we won her case and, more importantly, would receive the monthly benefits and Medicare she desperately needed and the many years of back pay she deserved.

If you or someone you know suffers from any physical impairments or mental health, contact us today for your free consultation. Our attorneys and staff specialize strictly in disability benefits, and we will fight to help you win every benefit you deserve. We will work with you, and alongside your doctors, to ensure all evidence needed is received. You can rely on our team at Disability Law Group from start to finish to provide you with expert advice, compassionate representation, and the benefits you deserve.

Author: Randall Mansour

Attorney Randall Mansour received his law degree from Indiana University School of Law after graduating with Honors from University of Michigan-Dearborn. During law school, Randall served as a certified civil mediator and was heavily involved in community service work – through educational programs and volunteer legal events – in and around Detroit. His passion for disability law stems from having a genuine concern for those who are in need.