Attorney Erika Riggs wins the Crisp Effect Challenge of 2022

What Is the Crisp Effect?

The Crisp Effect is a challenge for Crisp clients – made up of hundreds of law firm owners – to see who can have the most transformative growth by going outside their comfort zones. This can encompass professional and personal development, including enhancing their teams, clients’ experiences, personal health, revenue growth, and community impact.

A few years before opening her law firm together with her two partners, Erika lost her mother following a brief but courageous battle with small-cell lung cancer. She also needed to be there for her two small boys, so she wasn’t confident about whether to open her law firm. She gathered a lot of courage, as she knew her mother wouldn’t be around to witness it all. However, she knew that her mother would have been proud of her, and she is now grateful that she jumped on this opportunity.

During the Crisp challenge, Erika stood out in her monthly videos and pressed herself to make significant progress in her personal and professional life. Erika sent in monthly videos in the Crisp Effect group, documenting her struggles, triumphs, and transformation with tenacity and determination.

The goal of this challenge was to see who had transformed their law practice the most in the most game-changing and dynamic ways, not who had the most money, the biggest team, or the largest market share. In October, attorneys from around the globe selected the top ten videos from the hundreds of law firms that competed in the Challenge. During the 2022 Game Changers Summit, only the top 10 videos were played in front of thousands of attorneys and firm owners in attendance for a final vote.

At the 2022 Game Changers Summit, Erika was determined to be the winner. Numerous markers set her apart, including firm culture, community involvement, a new office, and tripling the number of cases at her firm. As the winner of the Crisp Effect Challenge, she walked away with the keys to Michael Mogill’s Tesla Model S Plaid.


Erika’s Focus At Disability Law Group

Erika was able to stay in command of her wildly successful law firm, Disability Law Group, with her clientele spread out across the country, and she remains dedicated to her practice of Social Security Disability and veterans disability benefits.

At her firm, Mrs. Riggs and her team help people in need – no matter where they live – with applications and appeals for disability benefits. She had this to say about her experience in the Crisp Effect Challenge:

“As an attorney and law firm owner, wearing many other critically important hats, I found that coaching has helped me immensely stay accountable to my goals and myself. I have been blessed to meet some incredible people through Crisp, including attorneys who are not only fierce advocates but wonderful leaders and community heroes that inspire me to do and be better for my firm, my family, and myself.”

Erika received recognition for her dedication and transformation in front of a gigantic crowd of law firm owners across the country. While winning the Tesla was an incredible prize, she feels grateful to be able to help improve the lives of her clients and those in her community through her firm’s important work. Congratulations to Erika Riggs!

Author: Erika A. Riggs

Attorney Erika A. Riggs graduated from Wayne State University where she earned her bachelor\’s and law degree. During law school, Erika devoted her free time to public service, education, and mentorship. She co-founded a non-profit, The 313 Project, providing scholarships for at-risk youth, pro-bono legal advice as well as volunteer work in Detroit. She also served as a senior note and comment editor of the Wayne Law Review, property law teaching assistant, and small claims court mediator.