Attorney Erika Riggs

Disability Law Group: Case Spotlight

During her hearing on May 9, 2019 in Lansing, Michigan, before a federally-appointed Social Security Administrative Law Judge, our client walked in prepared and confident – not because she had been through the process before in 2016 but in spite of that. This time around, she walked in to court alongside her attorney, Erika Riggs, with Disability Law Group. Not only did she know what to expect, but she had piece of mind knowing that Mrs. Riggs and her firm had obtained every piece of evidence needed dating back to when she became disabled and unable to work, including statements from her doctors detailing her condition and work-related limitations. Unfortunately, she did not feel the same sense of comfort and care during her 2016 hearing which resulted in an Unfavorable decision, denying her the disability benefits she worked hard for and deserved. She knew she was disabled since 2014 when she was no longer able to do her job in the medical field, or other work full-time, but that prior decision found otherwise.

Prior to hiring Mrs. Riggs, she had a disability hearing in 2016 with an attorney at a different firm who never appealed the 2016 decision from the Judge denying her claim. She felt left in the dark and decided to hire a different attorney, starting from scratch, hoping to find someone with more expertise and compassion. She hired Mrs. Riggs who helped her at every step of the process, reassuring her along the way and helping her feel at ease about what to expect next.

When it was time for her hearing in 2019, Mrs. Riggs respectfully and zealously advocated for her client, advising the Judge that the previous decision was not only unfair, but contrary to the law. Erika motioned to re-open the 2016 Unfavorable Decision from a different Judge based on clear legal error in accordance with 20 CFR 404.988. The Judge agreed and issued a Fully Favorable Decision in June of 2019, re-opening the prior 2016 decision with a finding of disability dating back to July of 2014. Not only does this decision mean more than 4 and a half years of back pay benefits for the client in addition to the monthly amount and Medicare coverage, it meant validation of her disability and that her fight for relief was finally at an end.

At Disability Law Group, disability is all we do. Our partners, Erika Riggs, Mandy Kelly, and Randall Mansour, work closely with our team of experienced and caring staff to ensure that every client feels heard and knows that they matter. Disability benefits provide a critical lifeline for people who are no longer able to work and earn an income to provide for themselves and their families. We know how complicated and overwhelming the process can be for any person, especially when balancing the many doctor appointments and treatment needed. If you or someone you know is in need of disability benefits, either from Social Security or the Department of Veterans Affairs, you can turn to Disability Law Group to help you win the benefits deserved. Call us today to speak with an experienced attorney who will listen and help you at every stage, whether you have already been denied or are only thinking about the disability process. Consultations are always free and we do not collect a fee unless you win.